We are top-tier litigators and trial lawyers who resolve business and personal disputes.

We practice law as a professionnot a business, putting our client's interests before our own. Whether you are a general corporate counsel, a Fortune 500 company, a small business, or an individual, we will treat you with the greatest regard and respect. We will listen attentively to your goals and concerns and then advocate for them as aggressively as necessary to win. We have decades of experience in a wide array of civil disputes of all sizes and complexity, including high-stakes lawsuitsWhen necessary, we file a lawsuit and take it to trialwhere we have a stunning track record of success.



 We won an emergency injunction and a $2.5 million trial judgment for the owners of a chemical manufacturing plant after the defendant attempted to physically destroy the complex.

We won an award at trial of $835,000 against a manufacturing company and its principal  for fraudulently inducing our corporate client to pay for goods and services, then not delivering.

We obtained a settlement of $775,000 for our clients who sued  their homeowners’ association and property management.

We obtained a judgment for $750,000, and a rare injunction,for the victim of vicious Internet libel and invasion of privacy.

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 "William Dickerman was recommended to me by a lawyer who had opposed him in court.  She told me how favorably he had handled the litigation.  I had been defrauded in a complex financial matter involving $500,000, and had been ill-served by my lawyer.  I was opposed by two international banks with unlimited financial and legal resources, and the complexities of international trade law. At our first meeting, I was impressed by how carefully Bill listened and took copious notes. I was amazed at how quickly he grasped the salient points of my case; none of the scores of lawyers I had interviewed comparedBill took on my case with only a few months to go before trial. The more contact I had with him, the more impressed I became. By hiring one of the top experts in international trade law, he forced the other side to the bargaining table.  The results were beyond my expectation: Bill's legal acumen, skill, and strategic vision led to the banks' returning my money and paying my legal fees.  I found that, as important as it is to choose a lawyer knowledgeable in the law, that is only one of the qualities that make Bill an outstanding lawyer.  He is first and foremost an honest man.  He is also a skilled strategist and negotiator. You cannot find a better advocate."

 - E.C.P., Film producer/director/writer


Home Page Litigation Second Testimonial Image "Just a note of appreciation for the many years of first-rate legal services you have provided to me, my company, my family, and my colleagues, in resolving disputes with and without litigation. Your eagerness to help, top-notch legal skills, creative problem-solving ability, and concern for reducing the financial and emotional costs of legal disputes have always assured me that you are the right lawyer to resolve most disputes—and that you will refer a matter to another lawyer when appropriate. Since so many of my clients are in the film and TV business, not only is your professionalism a blessing, but so is your ability to deal with unique and, shall we say, 'interesting,' people. That’s why I have confidently referred any number of people to you. Thank you for your dedication and the security you provide."

- M. Jason, President/CEO


Home Page Litigation Third Testimonial Image "Bill Dickerman helped us resolve a very difficult situation with our condominium complex.  The building failed to maintain the elevator, and as a result, our child with special needs had limited access to our home on the third floor.  After repeated failed attempts to resolve this on our own, we sought Bill’s assistance. From the moment he took our case, we felt reassured and supported.  Over the course of three years, Bill expertly navigated the entire litigation process. From the initial complaint to the multiple motions he filed and opposed, he was extremely specific and detailed in his legal documentation, leaving little room for the other side to defend.  He repeatedly convinced the judge to rule in our favor. Bill was always mindful of our costs and he did not waste money on unnecessary motions or depositions. Yet he never hesitated to get a second opinion from other counsel when dealing with the complexities of condominium and insurance lawWe were always involved in his decisions and kept aware of all progress. When our case was to be heard at a settlement conference, Bill understood we needed to show the judge and the other side the emotional component of the case.  He knew that simply discussing the legal merits was unlikely to get the opposing side to settle, let alone do what was right and fix the elevator.  Bill recruited a filmmaker to really show our story in a video.  The morning of the settlement conference, we didn’t know what to expect, but when we heard the judge very clearly state, “Mr. Dickerman, your brief was the only one I received that was worth reading,” we knew that we were in good hands. Once the video was played, the opposing attorneys understood they needed to settle before trial. It was the combination of Mr. Dickerman’s detailed legal writing and creative approach that ultimately led to our victory.As our case reached settlement, Mr. Dickerman did not rest on his well-deserved laurels. He continued to fight for us and demanded that the details of the settlement agreement serve our needs.  He never once waivered in his support for us, and the result was a dramatic victory for our family. We give Bill Dickerman our highest recommendation without reservation."

- R.M., Physician 

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