Here are some samples of business and personal cases successfully handled by Dickerman & Associates.


Business Cases:

• We obtained a judgment for $750,000, and a rare injunction, for the victim of vicious Internet libel and invasion of privacy.

• We won an emergency injunction and a $2.5 million trial judgment for the owners of a chemical manufacturing plant after the defendant attempted to physically destroy the complex.

We won an award at trial of $835,000 against a manufacturing company and its principal for fraudulently inducing our corporate client to pay for goods and services, then not delivering.

We saved our screenwriter/film producer client from losing his $500,000 letter of credit, in litigation against a major bank after he had been defrauded by his corporate partner.

• Several months after filing suit against one of the largest companies in its industry for breach of contract and copyright infringement, we obtained a settlement of $400,000 for our photographer client.

We obtained a substantial monetary settlement for several limited partnerships in their suit against the prestigious law firm that had improperly represented both sides of a disastrous investment scheme.

We forced a favorable settlement during trial of a case in which our client’s brother had fraudulently sought to misappropriate the client’s substantial real estate holdings.

We obtained a significant settlement for a club owner who had rented his facility to a movie studio, only to have the studio make alterations that led the City to impose costly new building requirements.

• Through arbitration, we obtained a substantial settlement for the estate of a famous songwriter who had been unlawfully deprived of royalties.

We recovered for our client 100% of the money he had invested in defective vending machines.

• Without filing suit, we recovered for a business consulting company money due under a contract that the other side had repudiated.

• After filing suit for a building-maintenance company for breach of contract by a large corporation, we forced a favorable settlement for our client.

We obtained a rarely granted ex parte pre-judgment attachment order for our television-producer client who had been summarily fired and not paid, resulting in the immediate settlement of the case on extremely favorable terms.

We obtained a pre-judgment attachment order, resulting in the immediate recovery of 100% of real estate commissions withheld from our client.

We engineered a very favorable settlement for a small business whose owner had been wrongly accused of sexual harassment.

We successfully defended our client who had been sued by his previous attorney, in probate litigation, for over $250,000 in fees.

• In an arbitration, we settled for 100% of our investor client’s demand for breach of contract by a movie production company.

•  We recovered for a large group of investors in a San Francisco hotel nearly all of their invested funds after the promoters breached their promise to pay and then went bankrupt.


Personal Cases:

We obtained a settlement of $775,000 for our clients who sued their homeowners’ association and property

• After only three months of litigating against a major insurance company that had denied a legitimate claim in bad faith, we obtained a settlement for 150% of the amount demanded in the complaint.

We successfully defended a selling homeowner who had been sued for fraudulently failing to disclose information to the buyer, and persuaded the court to dismiss a $250,000 default judgment it had previously awarded.

We obtained a large settlement for a movie producer and accomplished musician who had suffered a serious blow to the head by a golf club.

We counseled the victim of sexual molestation by a pop music celebrity, who was then criminally prosecuted in a case followed worldwide. Mr. Dickerman made numerous television appearances in connection with that matter, and was often quoted in the print media.

We obtained dismissal of our client’s ex-boyfriend’s lawsuit for malicious prosecution, stemming from his acquittal of criminal charges previously brought by the client. We also won an award of attorney’s fees.

We obtained a significant recovery for a woman who broke her hip when she tripped on a poorly maintained outdoor carpet at a wedding facility.

• After an especially acrimonious trial, we won a permanent injunction for our client against her apartment manager who had been relentlessly harassing her.

We successfully defended an elderly woman accused of assaulting and battering her elderly neighbor and causing her health to decline.

We won a notable settlement for a couple whose wedding minister made humiliating revelations about the couple during the wedding ceremony, causing them severe embarrassment and emotional distress.

• In a suit against our client’s neighbor for damages from the run-off of pool water, we obtained a settlement of 300% of the amount of the initial insurance claim.

• Without filing suit, and at little cost to our client, we negotiated an excellent settlement after she had been overcharged by her previous attorney in an employment case.

We obtained a favorable settlement, long before trial, of our client’s case against those responsible for a pit bull’s attack against him.

• We obtained a large settlement for two successful writers after a movie was released that was suspiciously similar to their screenplay that had been submitted to the same agency.

After an especially acrimonious trial, we won a permanent injunction for our client against her apartment manager who had been relentlessly harassing her.


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