At Dickerman & Associateswe concentrate on vigorous advocacy in Negotiation, Arbitration, Litigation, and Trial in Business including:

Fraud and misrepresentation

Unfair competition

Trade secrets infringement

Fraudulent sales

Promissory fraud

Partner disputes


 We practice law aggressively and pride ourselves on our attentive service.

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Whether you are a corporate general counsel, a Fortune 500 company, a small business, or an individual, we will treat you with the greatest respect and regardWe have several decades of experience successfully litigating a wide array of cases involving business. We will represent you as effectively as the largest firms, but at a small fraction of the cost—and with much more personal attention. We aim to resolve disputes quickly and amicably, but we are always prepared to take off the gloves and battle relentlessly through trial and appeal if necessary. Our aggressive advocacy and sound judgment have resulted in an excellent track record in court. 


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For breach of contract and copyright infringement, we obtained a settlement of $400,000 for our photographer client.

We won an award at trial of $835,000 against a manufacturing company and its principal for fraudulently inducing our corporate client to pay for goods and services, then not delivering.

We obtained a substantial monetary settlement for several limited partnerships in their suit against the prestigious law firm that had improperly represented both sides of a disastrous investment scheme.

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 "I have known William Dickerman for many years, first as my attorney, then as my friend and client. He is an extraordinarily competent attorney with a strong common-sense approach to business. I co-owned and operated a successful chain of sporting goods stores. My partner and I didn’t agree on how the business was to be run; the viability of the business was in jeopardy. Luckily, I hired Bill as my litigation attorney. My partner counter-sued, but Bill’s bull-dog tenacity and superior litigation skills scared the other side into submission. Bill’s negotiating prowess resulted in my being fairly compensated for my half of the business, and enabled my ex-partner to continue to operate the business thereafter. Since that first positive experience, I have frequently sought Bill’s legal advice on other business matters, and he has always been generous with his time and support. I have learned a lot from Bill over the years, and he has been an instrumental part of my business success."

- E. Matloff, CEO/President


Business Litigation Second Testimonial Image "Got the second [settlement] check. Thanks. We definitely achieved the best result that could have been expected. . . . I am glad I decided to fight. I also enjoyed meeting you and working with you. I learned a lot about the legal process, which I found quite interesting. Thank you for that![Opposing counsel’s] initial strategy was reasonable -- assume we will not do much to get solid evidence, take it to trial, and try to bamboozle a jury. Later, he tried another reasonable strategy -- litigate your opponent into submission.Things didn't work out since he just got unlucky and ended up facing you! I will always be grateful to you for how you handled this case and how you interacted with me regarding it. I know it could have ended up very differently if I had another attorney. . . ."

- G.N., Computer Scientist


 Business Litigation Third Testimonial Image"Thank you so much for the continued support in defending our rights. I pray that [the lawsuit plaintiff] goes no further. You have become real guardian in our lives; it is for this reason my gratitude for your help extends even deeper into the heart of our practice. We are grateful for you help. Your victory here demonstrates legal healing."

 - W.G., Chiropractor/Business Owner


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