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At Dickerman & Associateswe concentrate on vigorous advocacy in Negotiation, Arbitration, Litigation, and Trial in a wide array of Contract disputes including:

 Breach of contract

Breach of business and personal contracts

Failure to deliver or perform under goods and services contracts

Interference with contracts

Breach of employment contract


We practice law aggressively and pride ourselves on our attentive service.

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You will find no better lawyers to litigate your contract dispute. We have been advocating in breach of contract actions in all sorts of business and personal relationships for over 30 years, with an extremely impressive settlement and trial record. The keys to success in dispute resolution include broad and deep experience; sharp judgment; understanding how a court is likely to apply the law; and creative, persuasive written and oral advocacy. We have honed these skills over innumerable cases and regularly obtain terrific results at a reasonable cost. Because we know our way through the legal thicket, we are able to accurately advise our clients as to what will likely happen in their case, which enables them to feel secure in our representation.


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After filing suit for a building-maintenance company for breach of a services contract by a large corporation, we forced a favorable settlement for our client.

Several months after filing suit against one of the largest companies in its industry for breach of contract and copyright infringement, we obtained a settlement of $400,000for our photographer client. 

After filing suit for a building-maintenance company for breach of contract by a large corporationwe forced a favorable settlement for our client.

We recovered for our client 100% of the money he had invested in vending machines

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 "I am a university professor and occasionally work as a consultant. After a particular job was completed, a client (a company) decided not to pay my last few invoices. The client stonewalled all my attempts to resolve the issue without litigation. Bill Dickerman took my case and aggressively fought my intransigent client into submissionBill wouldn't let our opponent get away with any of their nonsense and tricks. He successfully challenged their pleadings and won multiple motions in court to compel our opponent to respond properly to discovery demands. He did an excellent job deposing the CEO of the company, getting him to essentially admit that they had no basis for refusing to pay my fees. He was responsive via email and on the phone. He litigated aggressively but also efficiently. I found Bill's legal briefs to be carefully researched, tightly reasoned, and well written. The judge clearly agreed with my opinion. just prior to trial, our opponent capitulated. Our victory was complete -- everything they owed me plus interest. Bill has my strongest possible recommendation."

One year later...

"Today is the one year anniversary of our victory over The Forces of Evil    :-) Since it is healthy to remember happy occasions, I decided to send you this message and thank you again for your help."

- W.R., Professor/Consultant


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 "I am ecstatic about the outcome. We’re still scratching our heads about why they settled. We concluded they feared my testimony would destroy them. And my partner feels that the defendants could not have stood up to your barrage of questions. He said I missed a masterful performance by you at the deposition, and that the defendants wanted no part you after that. They were saved only by the clock running out. The best thing for me about the arbitration was being referred to you, and getting to know you. It has renewed my faith in humanity that there are still decent, honest, moral individuals around. My partners have on multiple occasions remarked on what a great attorney and person you are. Thanks so much, Bill, for your counsel and your friendship."

K. Schmidt, Physician/CEO 


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 "Thank you for all the hard work and persistence! It was touch and go all the way, but you just kept going. We are so proud of you. If you hadn’t informed us of our rights and then followed through with the correct legal action, we would have lost our money. I was going to say 'thank you' and 'good job' regardless of the outcome, for you’ve put your heart with a vengeance into this case. We are so pleased, happy, ecstatic, and much more. Again, thank you for being who you are and doing such a good job."

- P. Garelick, Real Estate Investor


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