At Dickerman & Associateswe concentrate on vigorous advocacy in Negotiation, Arbitration, Litigation, and Trial in Entertainment matters including:

Contract disputes

Invasion of privacy

Violation of publicity rights

Unfair competition

Errors and omissions



We practice law aggressively and pride ourselves on our attentive service.

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We have been winning lawsuits for our demanding clients—both plaintiffs and defendants  in the entertainment industry for over three decades.  Familiarity with the music, film, TV, and publishing businesses is a prerequisite to supplying the top-flight representation we offer. While many of the legal principles are similar to non  entertainment cases, the industries and players do business quite differently and often have different demands and expectations. We are, above all, zealous advocates for our clients; but we also understand how the game is played so that we can satisfy their particular needs and implement their goals. Our experience, judgment, and lawyering skills often enable us to get results that elude other lawyers.


We saved our screenwriter/film producer client from losing his $500,000 letter of credit, in litigation against a major bank after he had been defrauded by his corporate partner.

In a copyright infringement case, we obtained a settlement of $400,000 for our photographer client.

We obtained a substantial settlement for the estate of a famous songwriter who had been unlawfully deprived of royalties.

We obtained a large settlement for two successful writers after a movie was released that was suspiciously similar to their screenplay that had been submitted to the same agency.

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 "Thanks a million for all you did in negotiating with [the studio], Bill. I believe it was your contracts that helped me be taken seriously from the very beginning. . . . I don't think I could have done it without you. I really appreciate everything and know that your dignity and presentation does a lot to make me look good, too."

 - L.A., Movie studio executive 


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 "Thank You for your studious efforts. Clearly your cogent legal arguments kept the court focused on the crux of this issue. [The defendant] sought to side track the discussion; his strategy was to bleed me out of the fight by hoping I would spend more money on legal fees than he owed me. He isn't as smart as he thinks he is, since it clearly didn't work out."

- M.D., Film Investor  

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 "I found that as important as it is to choose a lawyer knowledgeable in the law, that trait is only one of the qualities that make Bill an outstanding lawyer. He is first and foremost an honest man. He is also a skilled strategist and negotiator. You cannot find a better advocate."

- E.C.P., Director


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