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At Dickerman & Associateswe concentrate on vigorous advocacy in Negotiation, Arbitration, Litigation, and Trial in Real Estate including:

Real estate disputes

Commercial lease disputes

Failure to disclose or fraudulent disclosure


Forged deeds

Neighbor disputes


We practice law aggressively and pride ourselves on our attentive service.

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We have over 30 years of winning experience in a wide range of real estate-related disputes of all degrees of complexity, involving both commercial and residential property. We will listen closely to your goals and concerns, and enthusiastically craft solutions to meet them, inviting your input at every stage. You will benefit from our keen legal judgment honed over long experience. Our legal creativity and familiarity with related areas of practice, along with our excellent track record, will enable you confidently to entrust your sensitive legal matters to us. We have been awarded the legal profession’s highest recognition for our legal skills and ethical conduct: the coveted Martindale-Hubbell “AV” rating.


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We obtained a settlement of $775,000 for our clients who sued their homeowners’ association and property managers.

We forced a favorable settlement during trial of a case in which our client’s brother had fraudulently misappropriated the client’s substantial real estate holdings.

We successfully defended a selling homeowner who had been sued for fraudulently failing to disclose information to the buyer, and persuaded the court to dismiss a $250,000 default judgment it had previously awarded.

After an especially acrimonious trial, we won a permanent injunction for our client against her apartment manager who had been relentlessly harassing her.

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 "I have found, to my lasting regret, that the jokes about attorneys are mostly correct. Knowing you for many years and having retainedyou in several lawsuits, I would not hire any other lawyer. You stand out as one of the few who are fair and honest, as well as highly competent. I have always appreciated that you communicate clearly and patiently, advise thoroughly, seek my input, and obtain excellent results. I am also grateful for your sensitivity to reducing fees and costs. Not least, I value your accessibility. Unlike many attorneys, you actually take my phone calls: None of this “He’s out of the office; I don’t know when he’ll be back” routine. No lawyer can guarantee a result, but when I retain you, I know I am engaging a skilled advocate who cares about obtaining the best result at the lowest possible cost."

- J. Reiner, Author/Former Attorney


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 "Thank you, Bill, for everything. I know how hard you’ve worked on my behalf (and how much sleep you’ve lost) and truly appreciate your thoughtfulness both as an attorney and as a human being. Your code of ethics and moral standing is impressive and inspiring and has helped restore some of my faith in the legal system."

- M. Marino, Film Producer 


Real Estate Litigation Third Testimonial Image "[My opponent] has agreed to sell me his interest in the property for $300,000. I'm waiting for my loan to be approved. The kids are swell, and I'm hanging in there. Thanks again for all your help. I'm so glad I met you."

- E.T., Real estate business proprietor



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