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"I am a university professor and occasionally work as a consultant. After a particular job was completed, a client (a company) decided not to pay my last few invoices. The client stonewalled all my attempts to resolve the issue without litigation. Bill Dickerman took my case and aggressively fought my intransigent client into submission. Bill wouldn't let our opponent get away with any of their nonsense and tricks. He successfully challenged their pleadings and won multiple motions in court to compel our opponent to respond properly to discovery demands. He did an excellent job deposing the CEO of the company, getting him to essentially admit that they had no basis for refusing to pay my fees. 

 Throughout the case, Bill consulted me regarding every step of the litigation. He patiently discussed with me various options and listened carefully to my inputs. He was responsive via email and on the phone. He litigated aggressively but also efficiently -- avoiding actions that were not necessary and mindful of minimizing my costs. I read all the legal briefs filed by both sides in the case. I found Bill's legal briefs to be far superior -- carefully researched, tightly reasoned, and well written. 

 The judge clearly agreed with my opinion -- Bill always won! In the end, just prior to trial, our opponent capitulated and the case settled. Our victory was complete -- everything they owed me plus interest. Such a complete victory in a settlement is unusual -- a clear testament to Bill's superior abilities. Bill has my strongest possible recommendation."

- W.R., Professor/Consultant


 "Just a note of appreciation for the many years of first-rate legal services you have provided to me, my company, my family, and my colleagues, in resolving disputes with and without litigation. Your eagerness to help, top-notch legal skills, creative problem-solving ability, and concern for reducing the financial and emotional costs of legal disputes have always assured me that you are the right lawyer to resolve most disputes—and that you will refer a matter to another to another lawyer when appropriate.

 Since so many of my clients are in the film and TV business, not only is your professionalism a blessing, but so is your ability to deal with unique and, shall we say, 'interesting,' people. That’s why I have confidently referred any number of people to you. Thank you for your dedication and the security you provide."

- M. Jason, President/CEO


 "I have found, to my lasting regret, that the jokes about attorneys are mostly correct.  Knowing you for many years and having retained you in several lawsuits, I would not hire any other lawyer.  You stand out as one of the few who are fair and honest, as well as highly competent. I have always appreciated that you communicate clearly and patiently, advise thoroughly, seek my input, and obtain excellent results. 

 I am also grateful for your sensitivity to reducing fees and costs. Not least, I value your accessibility.  Unlike many attorneys, you actually take my phone calls: None of this “He’s out of the office; I don’t know when he’ll be back” routine. No lawyer can guarantee a result, but when I retain you, I know I am engaging a skilled advocate who cares about obtaining the best result at the lowest possible cost."

- J. Reiner, Author/Former Attorney

Such a fantastic and wise article [5 Ways To Reduce Costs of Litigation] (available on this website's Legal Articles page.) Thank you for sharing this with me. I am inspired to actualize the wisdom of your article, although hopefully, I pray, never in a legal battle but rather in my relationships with my loved ones and business contacts.”

- J.S., Film composer/conductor/musician

"Bill did a fantastic job and delivered more than what was expected for a VERY good rate."

- J. Toms, CEO


 "I have many friends and business acquaintances who are attorneys, but I always tell people who need legal representation to call Bill Dickerman first.  The reason is simple. For the several legal matters you’ve handled for me over the years, I’ve always been impressed by your ability to apply your legal expertise in a practical, efficient manner, bringing issues to a speedy conclusion with a minimal of hassle and expense.  Like my relationship with my dentist, I hope I never see you again, except for a non-working lunch."

- B. Usen, President/CEO


 "Thank you, Bill, for everything.  I know how hard you’ve worked on my behalf (and how much sleep you’ve lost) and truly appreciate your thoughtfulness both as an attorney and as a human being.  Your code of ethics and moral standing is impressive and inspiring and has helped restore some of my faith in the legal system."

- M. Marino, Film Producer


"You are exceptional in your approach!"

- P. Ioannou, Vice President/Investments


 "Bill, you were so helpful to us in so many ways, and we appreciated your honest and personable input.  I guess you could consider yourself a therapist in this bizarre situation!"

- L. Patterson


"I appreciate what you did and I will be referring you as an outstanding attorney.  You do what you say and I appreciate that."

- D. Traurig


 "For three years I suffered almost daily torments and abusive sexual and emotional taunts from my building’s resident manager.  When the situation escalated to a serious threat of physical violence, terrified and alone I turned to Bill Dickerman for help.  Though I was unable to pay his normal rate, he did not turn me away as so many others had. Instead, we quickly went to court to obtain a restraining order. Mr. Dickerman aggressively challenged the defendant in an exhaustive six-hour hearing in which the defendant’s attorney called multiple witnesses to defame me. Mr. Dickerman’s solid presentation of the facts, withering cross-examination, and compelling arguments resulted in the judge’s grant of not only the requested restraining order, but also a substantial increase in the protections available to me under the law and beyond those usually granted. I am deeply grateful to Mr. Dickerman for fighting for me when no one else would, for enabling me to remain in the home I had lived in for over 20 years, and for, quite possibly, saving my life."


- F.E., Communications Consultant


"Bill, you are one of the few good guys left. May you and your family be blessed with good health and prosperity."

- J. Howard, President/CEO


 "I have known William Dickerman for many years, first as my attorney, then as my friend and client.  He is an extraordinarily competent attorney with a strong common-sense approach to business. I co-owned and operated a successful chain of sporting goods stores.  My partner and I didn’t agree on how the business was to be run; the viability of the business was in jeopardy.  Luckily, I hired Bill as my litigation attorney. My partner counter-sued, but Bill’s bull-dog tenacity and superior litigation skills scared the other side into submission. Bill’s negotiating prowess resulted in my being fairly compensated for my half of the business, and enabled my ex-partner to continue to operate the business thereafter. Since that first positive experience, I have frequently sought Bill’s legal advice on other business  matters, and he has always been generous with his time and support. I have learned a lot from Bill over the years, and he has been an instrumental part of my business success."

- E. Matloff, CEO/President


So much beautiful work---I now know what the Torah says when the great ones were so overwhelmed that they `fell on their faces.’ So impressive! This is beautifully composed---thanks and blessings!”

- L.G., Corporate President/CFO


 “Thanks for your zealous advocacy and attention to detail vs [the opposition’s] shameless shakedown.... You are awesome. I thought a great hardball response would be exactly what you sent. Well played, sir. Thanks for your help and patience.”

- S.L., County Government Attorney


Thanks a million for all you did in negotiating with [the studio], Bill. I believe it was your contracts that helped me be taken seriously from the very beginning. . . . I don't think I could have done it without you.   I really appreciate everything and know that your dignity and presentation does a lot to make me look good, too.”

- L.A., Motion-picture studio executive

I think I need to address you from now on as Wise Man, Sensei, Teacher, or some appropriate Old Testament term.” 

- E.P., Investor/Writer/Director


I just wanted to inform you that the hold on my bank account was finally released. I hope that's the last of the bank levies.  I want to thank you for your quick response and resolute advocacy. Knowing I had you on my corner made this ordeal a lot more bearable.” 

- A.G., Victim of student-loan fraud/identity theft


Bill is an outstanding attorney who has produced terrific results. He is very professional and knowledgeable, and is a pleasure to work with.”

- J.Y., Banking Executive

Bill, you’re the BEST! Thanks for all your hard work!”

- C.A., Screenwriter, Advertising Executive

I will say this: You make me laugh harder than any other attorney.  Cheers!”

- J.M., Opposing Lawyer in Litigation (just before he paid settlement funds)


 “Thank You for your studious efforts. Clearly your cogent legal arguments kept the court focused on the crux of this issue. [The defendant] sought to side track the discussion; his strategy was to bleed me out of the fight by hoping I would spend more money on legal fees than he owed me. He isn't as smart as he thinks he is, since it clearly didn't work out.”

- M.D., Film investor


 “I'm sorry for calling you in such a panic yesterday [after the judge dismissed my case when I did not show up in time because the defendant played a trick]. I was completely devastated and took your advice. I was actually going to just cry my way home, and instead followed your advice and got the dismissal lifted. I don't know what I would do without your help. Thank you so much! I appreciate all of your extra time spent with my situation. I know you spent so much time helping me out. You really are a God-sent attorney.” 

- A.R., Plaintiff

 “Bill, that [victory] is fantastic; great job!  Your clients were very lucky that you took care of them.  Probably got them an extra $200,000. What a nice win.”

- N.W., Consulting attorney


 “Thank you for helping us with this sale document. It is clear and easy for me to understand. Let's hope the buyer agrees. At least we know that we are in good shape and are being reasonable. I am grateful that my husband has a friend like you on his side. It made it very easy to handle this whole drama with simply saying to him, `Whatever Bill says is what we will do.’ I have confidence in your direction.”

- M.W., Music teacher


Your successful settlement [of my mother’s case] prior to her passing made her very happy that justice was served. We all thank you for this much needed and very timely infusion.”

- D.R., Entrepreneur, executive


 “I am ecstatic about the outcome.  We’re still scratching our heads about why they settled.  We concluded they feared my testimony would destroy them. And my partner feels that the defendants could not have stood up to your barrage of questions. He said I missed a masterful performance by you at the deposition, and that the defendants wanted no part you after that.  The best thing for me about the arbitration was being referred to you, and getting to know you.  It has renewed my faith in humanity that there are still decent, honest, moral individuals around.  My partners have on multiple occasions remarked on what a great attorney and person you are.  Thanks so much, Bill, for your counsel and your friendship.”

- K.S., Physician and President


I appreciate all your hard work on the case. I know that you have done above and beyond what other attorneys would have done.”

- I.P., College professor


Bill is the quintessence of mensch.”

- M.J., Attorney, agent/manager, entrepreneur


It [a newly drafted non-disclosure agreement] is perfect.  We used it!  Thank you!”

- M.M., Film producer


 “I thank you for the time you spent reviewing my case. I hope my work brings me to a point where I can have someone like you on my side, for the duration.  You’re a real gentleman. One doesn't meet a mensch like you very often.”

- S.M., Television writer



 “Bill is an excellent ally in legal matters. He has, on every occasion, been attentive to my needs, risen to the challenge, and helped successfully resolve issues at a reasonable cost. I highly recommend Bill for his conscientiousness, professionalism, and competence.”

- R.S., Financial Planner; Project Manager, Imaging Software Implementation


 “You really have read my mind with this letter [to the opposition]. It is above and beyond what I expected, and I think it nails the points perfectly. I'm extremely grateful for this. Send it!”

- M.D., Website Content Manager


Thanks for all your help, William. It pays to have the A team on my side.”

- E.P., Business executive, investor


 “Wow, Bill, that was an amazing letter.  I think God loves us because He brought us to you.  Thank you very much.  You pummeled [our opponent] as he deserves.  I think your last sentence is especially powerful as well as your assessment of his ‘unholy’ motivation.”


- R.G., CEO/screenwriter/director/producer 


Thanks for the very quick and efficient job you did in bringing my problem to a fair and equitable conclusion.”

- R.J.M., President of consulting corporation

You really, really enhanced that [legal] brief.  It approaches the level of literature. Awesome work.”

- N.W., Attorney 


Bill Dickerman is a smart, tough, no-nonsense litigator with a lot of experience.”

- W.S., Attorney 


 “Thank you very much for taking time out of your Sunday. I just looked up the case online. It looks like this is all good news. This means that I won. Meeting with you definitely helped things out. You told me what to keep hammering home to the judge and I'm sure it helped her see what was really happening. Thank you for all the advice. I appreciate you taking the extra time out to write another email with some more advice.”

- R. V., Proprietor of programming business 


 “I contacted William Dickerman when I was faced with an issue of identity theft. I was in a state of despair and the case was advanced and convoluted when I first contacted Bill. In my first conversation with Bill, he knowledgeably and thoughtfully answered all my questions and he clearly explained everything that the case might entail. I felt a sense of comfort after that conversation, knowing I was in good hands. Throughout the case, Bill was readily available and responded immediately to my emails and phone calls. I am extremely grateful for Bill's concern for reducing my emotional and financial costs throughout the case. I am also very thankful for his quick response and resolute advocacy. Knowing I had Bill in my corner made the ordeal a lot more bearable. I confidently and highly recommend Bill Dickerman to my friends and family.”

- A. Guzman


 “We have retained William Dickerman on numerous cases and have always come away smiling. He is a pleasure to work with and is fearless. The best case I remember is when he sued our insurance company and got us a substantial six-figure settlement after six other attorneys had refused to take our case.His honesty is what it is all about, and he knows how to play the other side. You will be in good hands if you use Mr. Dickerman.”

- H.A., Business Proprietor


 “Bill was ethical, smart, and very capable in court and with us when my husband and I were stressed beyond belief. He saved us from a huge mistake made by our first attorney, and I will recommend him to all and anyone who needs help.”

- D.R., Homeowner/Senior Nursing Instructor


 “Thank you for all the hard work and persistence! It was touch-and-go all the way, but you just kept going. We are so proud of you. If you hadn’t informed us of our rights and then followed through with the correct legal action, we would have lost our money. I was going to say `thank you’ and `good job’ regardless of the outcome, for you’ve put your heart with a vengeance into this case. We are so pleased, happy, ecstatic, and much more. Again, thank you for being who you are and doing such a good job.”

- P. Garelick, Real Estate Investor


 “Thank you again for how well you managed the litigation. Furthermore, you handled my personal distress with consideration and sympathy, which I greatly appreciate. Thank you very much for your efforts on my behalf. Please know that if I run across any people in need of a lawyer I will direct them to your office.”

- E.P., Screenwriter/Director/Film Investor 


The intellectual property non-disclosure agreement you drafted is perfect.  We used it. Thank you! Send me a bill.”

- M. Marino, Film producer/App Creator


 “I felt a sense of release after reading your letter. This has been an arduous process, and I think I can see an end to my case approaching. Thank you for the mediation. I was impressed. Your summary was also impressive and very much appreciated. I will follow your suggested course of action.”

- E. Tatum, Real Estate Business Owner/Investor  

 “I contacted William Dickerman when my husband was faced with defending an appeal. I had been given his name by our UCLA legal insurance; I also read his yelp reviews.  All I can tell you is that the reviews are all correct. Although we ended up with another attorney due to conflicting dates, Bill’s  advice was extremely valuable, and he took interest in the case and followed it through with us.  He was a wonderful, competent, and thoughtful attorney.  I would have no problems referring my friends and patients to him. I am happy that I have him on my team, if I should need him in the future.”   

- Dr. Jan H

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